Friday, January 13, 2006

Aches and Pains

  • I have the memory of an 80 year old woman. (no offense grandma)
  • I have a right shoulder pain for 2 weeks with no apparent cause.
  • I had mild back pain for the last 2 weeks that I attribute to sporadic exercise (ab routines).
I'm beginning to think I am no spring chicken anymore! A friend was telling me about his plan to start going to a gymnastics gym on Saturdays during open Gym and practice falls and rolls... so he can start jumping out of tree's and leaping across the building-tops. Aside from the building tops and tree's that is always where I picture myself in my dreams... and somewhere I wanted to try to become in real life.

Returning from Christmas vacation has been a shock for my system physically. Before break I was sick, and during break I took a vacation from working out as well. This week I tried to get back and managed 3 workouts (M, T, R). Two of them were Slim in 6 BeachBody videos and the other my Jazzercise class.

'Cheers! Here is to hoping that the aches and pains of starting up my workouts again go away soon!

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Sign of a borring blog..

Its sad when you dont have any posts for a month and no one asks you "Whats been going on, post already"!

Means that I don't have a lot of readers :(

That is ok I guess. It is still a fun place for me to write about what has been going on.

I spent the first part of the holidays vising family in ND, and the second part hanging out in Rochester. While in Rochester we did a lot of sleeping in and bumming around the house. Got some much needed rest.

So much so in fact that trying to wake up for work this morning was a big shock to my system!

Hope everyone had a great holiday.