Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Welp I had a bad day

Welp, I had a bad day yesterday.

I lost another girl from my Girl Scout troop, she dropped out, so we only have 4 registered scouts so far this year. There are a couple of prospects to recruit new members but they are not guarantees.

Every week for the last 2 months (or even more frequently) I end up discussing the job losses at work. I am a contract employee and they really give us almost no notice if they lay you off (48 hours notice you can consider yourself lucky). I am safe for this round, but it leaves a “sword hanging over my head by a thread” kind of atmosphere that permeates most work related conversations. Some days my job can be very disappointing, a lot of work for not any significant result, and yesterday was one of those.

I (along with 90% of women in America) have a struggle with my weight. I am up 15 lbs from my great weight loss from last year and my eating and exercise habits had taken a huge dive around March of this year. Yesterday I ate a healthy lunch, ordering a cucumber/tomato salad with a light vinaigrette sauce and a smaller portion of pasta. Unfortunately that left me so hungry in the afternoon (and I was already craving chocolate) that I ate 4 mini candy bars which a co-worker happens to have a supply of. Yesterday I was supposed to go to Jazzercise but I couldn’t get out of work in time (class is at 4:15 on Tuesdays) so I vowed to go home and work out. Instead I went home, ate more chocolate, and watched TV instead of working out!

So any normal day issues like these come up and I deal with them just fine, but yesterday was a convergence. I think in addition to the losing 2 girl scouts for this year which makes me very sad, another big component of my bad day yesterday was our lack of plans for our wedding. We have been going back and forth on a couple different issues and some talk last week finally got me on the warpath such that we have a specific wedding we are now trying to make happen. Getting advice on times of year that would be good and possible event planners local to our destination as well as a lot of online searching of our own on costs has been starting, but at a snails pace. It saddens me SO much that my wedding might be a financial burden to my friends and family, or worse yet that none of them will make it! Of all our ideas there was one that stood out to me as a great way to go, and Brandon agrees.

Today has gone much better by far, but my normally sunny disposition still has a bit of cloud cover.

Bright Smiles and Sunshine I pray are in my future.

Friday, September 08, 2006

That's it! This is the last straw...

No more chocolate for me! I just had a wicked case of hiccups which I can blame soley on an innocent looking kit kat bar!

I apologize to anyone who was within earshot of my 'hic 'hic.