Saturday, April 30, 2005

Welcome to Saturday Morning!

So its 7:38 am on Saturday... not been up at this time in YEARS!

My Jazzercise friends who I like to call the "Hula Girls" from when we formed our waterbottle teams sent out an emal yesterday.

As with any weekend I'm not actually out of town... I had thougt about going... just didnt expect to get to bed early enough on Fri night.

SO YEA ME, Here I go time to head over to class :)

Friday, April 29, 2005

Nutrition Goal

GOAL: Bring a healthy lunch to work 3 days Every Week. Save money and eat better!

Week of 4/25: Succesful! Today is Friday and I have a lunch packed and its in the fridge at work.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Exercise and Nutrition

I never thought I would see such immediate results from changing what I eat.. In 1 week I dropped 2 lbs (this was officially on Friday last week). Jazzercise gave me the exercise and I have kept up the 3 workouts a week for almost 2 months now.

And now something unheard of before this year, I actually lost weight On The Weekend! No serious working out but I stuck to the nutrition plan from my ChangeOne book for breakfasts (including letting my bf fry up some bacon and I didnt snitch one piece) and tried to slowly begin to improve my lunhes, snacks and dinners.

I also started to record my meals in Fit Day Online again. I dont always get them added to the "My Foods Consumed Today" page but I use the Journal to record what I ate. They provide me with Danielle's Public Page that anyone can visit.

Check it out from time to time and keep me honest :)

Monday, April 25, 2005

Worked some, Played some...

This weekend I had some fun and some work. Everyone I know seemed to be in a Mello mood, so most of our activities were pretty low key.

Friday night I did some prep for my Saturday Girl Scout event while my bf cleaned up our kitchen :) Some friends came over to watch a movie and have some drinks and that was a fun time as usual. They are our "closest" friends... they live in the adjacent neighborhood!

Saturday I got going early and did all the rest of the preperations for the GS event. We were getting the young scouts together with nursing home residents. The girls learned about what scouting was like in the 1913-1918 time period in America and the residents learned about what scouts do today. The residents shared what their favorite indoor activities, outdoor activities, foods, even what money they were allowed to earn and what they did with it. Girl Scouts back then had to save up .50 cents and have it in the bank to move up in rank in scouting. That would have been no easy feat in 1913!

The event went great, the girls, residents and even us hosts had a great time. We made some flags out of paper and chopsticks and then used them to signal out a message using Semaphores, something all Girl Scouts learned to communicate visually across short distances.

More updates later in the week :)

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Old bike is already gone, being used in Fargo by my little brother. This IS the new Hotness!

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Saturday, April 23, 2005

Old bike, new bike, red bike, blue bike.
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Here are my friends. Their identities have been kept secret for their protection. (This is the only decent photo that shows people but not faces. Proves I had friends along!)
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It was such a nice sunny day!
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Went hiking at a nearby state park. Remind anyone of Dirty Dancing? The "ravine" is a LOT smaller here :)
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Sweet success...

Yee Ha, 2 pounds down! I have been at this diet thing for one week, and even though I was only supposed to change breakfast food my other meals have been getting healthier as well.

SO something is starting to work, the exercise or the food.

Next week is Lunch.. I'm going to have to bring my lunch at least 3 days a week to even hope of sticking to this ChangeOne plan.

So Yea me!

Monday, April 18, 2005


Well my Monday Lunch Break post is here!

This last weekend I drove myself to North Dakota to visit my family. I managed to spend time with my siblings, parents and friends all in one action packed weekend.

Friday on the way through I dropped my old bike off at my little brothers. I just got a new one the week before last and he was in need of some transportation as his car has been broken since the first winter cold snap. I hear he plans to hang around town this summer instead of returning home so I hope he gets good use out of my old bike. Still some miles left in it I hope :)

Saturday 2 of my nephews went through first communion so we started out the day at the church. I made some good use of my video camera which I hope to turn into a DVD to give to my Aunt. The afternoon on into the evening was spent at my Aunts house at the reception. Lots of playing outside with the kids and going for walks around the neighborhood meant some good exercise for me.

Sunday I crammed in breakfast with one of my best friends, and then Lunch with another 2! At 2 PM I was able to see my younger brother in a vocal recital (once again using the video camera). Around 4pm I finally left for the 5 hour drive back home.

Later this week I will pick out a couple of the best photos of my trip, and my old/new bike!

Monday, April 11, 2005

Weekend Fun!

Hello everyone. Blogging is fun we should all do this...
My posts have become less frequent .. been busy. Went to a nearby park on Saturday and hiked my butt off, started out with a couple hundred stair steps up to the trail. It was a great day though and I had SO much fun.
Sunday we got some tree's planted, cant wait till they get to a decent size and give us some shade. The Man is into trees/plants so he got a cherry tree, a peach tree and 2 apple trees, along with the basic oak (red and pin varieties), sugar maple and Scarlet Maple. Good thing we have a decent sized yard!

Between all that exercise and some early Monday night plans I don't feel too bad skipping my Jazzercise class. My ankles were a bit out of whack from the hours of hiking, but feeling good to go for tomorrow.

Monday, April 04, 2005

Blogs horay!

Now my little AND big brothers both have blogs, Yaaa!

I love being able to know what is going on with their lives without making them devote their time to sharing just with me. Mind you little bro (if you even read this) that I dont see any new blog postings on myspace for quite a while now!

So this is about me, not you guys :) I had a GREAT workout today! We do this routine that alternates between push ups (still doing knee push ups) and the yoga/pilates "plank" position. You make you body stiff (like a plank) with only your elbows and your toes on the ground (stomach towards the ground). Then you "stack" your feet on top of each other and rotate your body so your side is facing the ground, still just your one elbow and the side of the same foot on the ground. I can kinda do this manuver... and then we go back into push ups... plank pos facing the other way ... more pushups... and a plank pose (this time without the turning). *Whew*

Aside from the slight bellyache I had before class (I think it was from my afternoon diet soda) it was a great day on more than one front :) And the bellyache went away as I worked out.

Sunday, April 03, 2005

Happy Halloween ... 1978 :) I always looked up to my big sis, until I was like 8, then we fought like cats and dogs.
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