Monday, April 18, 2005


Well my Monday Lunch Break post is here!

This last weekend I drove myself to North Dakota to visit my family. I managed to spend time with my siblings, parents and friends all in one action packed weekend.

Friday on the way through I dropped my old bike off at my little brothers. I just got a new one the week before last and he was in need of some transportation as his car has been broken since the first winter cold snap. I hear he plans to hang around town this summer instead of returning home so I hope he gets good use out of my old bike. Still some miles left in it I hope :)

Saturday 2 of my nephews went through first communion so we started out the day at the church. I made some good use of my video camera which I hope to turn into a DVD to give to my Aunt. The afternoon on into the evening was spent at my Aunts house at the reception. Lots of playing outside with the kids and going for walks around the neighborhood meant some good exercise for me.

Sunday I crammed in breakfast with one of my best friends, and then Lunch with another 2! At 2 PM I was able to see my younger brother in a vocal recital (once again using the video camera). Around 4pm I finally left for the 5 hour drive back home.

Later this week I will pick out a couple of the best photos of my trip, and my old/new bike!

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