Monday, April 11, 2005

Weekend Fun!

Hello everyone. Blogging is fun we should all do this...
My posts have become less frequent .. been busy. Went to a nearby park on Saturday and hiked my butt off, started out with a couple hundred stair steps up to the trail. It was a great day though and I had SO much fun.
Sunday we got some tree's planted, cant wait till they get to a decent size and give us some shade. The Man is into trees/plants so he got a cherry tree, a peach tree and 2 apple trees, along with the basic oak (red and pin varieties), sugar maple and Scarlet Maple. Good thing we have a decent sized yard!

Between all that exercise and some early Monday night plans I don't feel too bad skipping my Jazzercise class. My ankles were a bit out of whack from the hours of hiking, but feeling good to go for tomorrow.


ClickChic said...

Whats a few hundred stairs between friends? :)

I would say it sounds like he is into trees...just a little bit though. ;) We haven't been out in your backyard yet, we will have to go see your new trees the next time it is nice out and we decide to walk to your house.

klhub said...

Sounds great about the back yard will have to email us some pictures so that we can see it. We will also have to plan a time to come and visit you and B. Or you could come here for a girls weekend or even meeting somewhere in between. That would be nice anyways talk to you this weekend TTFN