Friday, April 29, 2005

Nutrition Goal

GOAL: Bring a healthy lunch to work 3 days Every Week. Save money and eat better!

Week of 4/25: Succesful! Today is Friday and I have a lunch packed and its in the fridge at work.


dabuekke said...

5/6/05 - Brought my lunch nearly every day this week. Wednesday we went out to quizno's and I had 1/2 of a small sub to supplement my meal. As I am focusing on snacks this week, I am bringing granola bars, 1 serving bags of pretzels, low calorie cookies, apples and bannanas to snack on when I get morning or afternoon munchies. The weight is continuing to creep down, I may hit my 160 goal by Monday!

Yea ME!

dabuekke said...

5/20/05 - Went out to eat 2 times, once to Pizza hut and once to KFC. Had reasonable portition at Pizza Hut and just 1 thigh and some green beans at KFC. Doesnt seem to have derailed my weight loss ... still lost 2 lbs this week!

The weekend of My 14-15 was the first weekend since I started this diet where I did not lose weight over the weekend.