Monday, April 25, 2005

Worked some, Played some...

This weekend I had some fun and some work. Everyone I know seemed to be in a Mello mood, so most of our activities were pretty low key.

Friday night I did some prep for my Saturday Girl Scout event while my bf cleaned up our kitchen :) Some friends came over to watch a movie and have some drinks and that was a fun time as usual. They are our "closest" friends... they live in the adjacent neighborhood!

Saturday I got going early and did all the rest of the preperations for the GS event. We were getting the young scouts together with nursing home residents. The girls learned about what scouting was like in the 1913-1918 time period in America and the residents learned about what scouts do today. The residents shared what their favorite indoor activities, outdoor activities, foods, even what money they were allowed to earn and what they did with it. Girl Scouts back then had to save up .50 cents and have it in the bank to move up in rank in scouting. That would have been no easy feat in 1913!

The event went great, the girls, residents and even us hosts had a great time. We made some flags out of paper and chopsticks and then used them to signal out a message using Semaphores, something all Girl Scouts learned to communicate visually across short distances.

More updates later in the week :)

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