Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Exercise and Nutrition

I never thought I would see such immediate results from changing what I eat.. In 1 week I dropped 2 lbs (this was officially on Friday last week). Jazzercise gave me the exercise and I have kept up the 3 workouts a week for almost 2 months now.

And now something unheard of before this year, I actually lost weight On The Weekend! No serious working out but I stuck to the nutrition plan from my ChangeOne book for breakfasts (including letting my bf fry up some bacon and I didnt snitch one piece) and tried to slowly begin to improve my lunhes, snacks and dinners.

I also started to record my meals in Fit Day Online again. I dont always get them added to the "My Foods Consumed Today" page but I use the Journal to record what I ate. They provide me with Danielle's Public Page that anyone can visit.

Check it out from time to time and keep me honest :)


Brandon Schulz said...

I'm very proud of you for not snitching any bacon. Keep it up!

klhub said...

Very good job. I am so proud of you. My weekend didn't go as well. Sorry haven't commented much been so busy only and couple weeks of school left and trying to keep up on the insane amount of homework.... Will be updating my blog this am

dabuekke said...

Thanks for the encouragement!