Thursday, February 17, 2005

Now Ive gone and done it!

Well I did it, I signed up for Jazzersize... The only way I'll keep going with the exercise I think.

Speaking of junk food,

I got something for free because I was loitering in the hallway at work. A whole bago cheeto's. Apparently they are within a week of expiring and the vending company gave them away :)

Tastse just fine though... better stop typing before my keybord turns cheeto orange !


dabuekke said...

The phrase we came to know and hate as children "Dont take candy from strangers" comes to mind... no wrenching gut pain and I have not been whisked away from work by a stranger in an automobile.. although the second one wouldnt be 1/2 bad as I am hitting 10 hours for the day as I now sign out..

ClickChic said...

:) I got those free cheetos too! But they were soooo good.