Thursday, September 08, 2005

Labor Day Holiday

Evening folks!

I am “supposed” to be getting ready to leave town so of course I am killing time doing anything but.

I am heading to ND tomorrow morning and will be there for nearly 3 full days. I have a sibling’s birthday party to go to, friends to visit in Fargo and hopefully some quality time with my family in Grand Forks.

This last weekend was really great. We had a 30th Birthday party for a friend which brought us up to a water park/hotel in Minneapolis and then some gardening that took up much of the rest of the weekend. We did a bit of lying around and lots of harvesting, canning and pickling. There is not a lot of the growing season left so we have to make time to harvest when it needs it.

Hope you all had a good holiday weekend!

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klhub said...

It was great seeing you again Dai I really do miss having you around North Dakota