Thursday, May 18, 2006

Renewed Effort

Renewed effort on the fitness front means I need a plan.

Some wrist issues recently made me drop Jazzercise for May, but the nice weather has brought some alternatives.
  • Walking with Kelly (and Abby in the stroller)
  • Hiking at Quarry Hill during the week
  • Treadmill in my basement
  • Workout DVD's
  • Jogging in my neighborhood
  • Bike rides on the bike trail near my house
So whats a good plan. For the week of May 22nd I will...
1) Pack a lunch 3 times a week (include a large salad)
2) Instead of my default breakfast of v8 juice and toast or cereal... have fruit
3) In addition to the items above which are more "activities" than workouts, strengthen my wrists by starting light weightlifing 3x a week
4) GO TO BED always by 11pm during the week

Those of you who know me are free and encouraged to ask me how I'm doing on my goals next week.

Mel, where you at? What are your goals!

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