Thursday, August 17, 2006

Yo! We Won!

Since my team was not really enthusiastic about our win last night I have to do a little online celebration here...

We were in the womens city sand volleyball league, and had a really great average, going into the final last night in the #1 spot. We played two matches last night and won all our games, 2 to win the first match, and 2 more to win the second!

Go Team!

Ok enough celebration. Posted by Picasa

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dabuekke said...

Well I was bumped down a notch on the volleyball scene :(

I subbed on a team this morning and we lost both games. It wasn't a skunk or anything but I made a few mistakes, not the least of which was only making one of my serves over the whole game!

It was a co-ed team so every other hit had to be a girl, which was not too hard when it came to my side of the court, but it really messes up the rhythm to have to think about if you have to scramble to go get it because a guy just hit it.

So that is it for volleyball for me till the Fall indoor league starts up again.