Thursday, October 19, 2006

Costumes costumes

Why do I love them so?

Costumes are so much fun for me, and I evangalize to everyone! Thanks to the collection I have I get to loan out my old pieces from previous years to get everyone in the party.

So I guess I will break my secret, if you wanted to know what our costumes would be...

Brandon is going as Indiana Jones, and I am going as his companion in "Temple of Doom" Willa Scott :) Its going to be hard to sell because no one will knowwho she is, but as long as I hang around my man and he calls me "sweetheart" every now and then they should have an idea ;)

Photo of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom,  Harrison Ford, Kate Capshaw

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Nate said...

Nice custume idea! Being how halloween has come and gone, how did the idea go over? Did everyone know who you were suppose to be?