Wednesday, January 05, 2005


I call it drive because that is what I seem to lack. I suggested to B that we bring lunch in at least once a week. He said bring just a salad. I said naww, have to have something more for lunch. He says I dont NEED to satsfy every craving, and feeling full is not important, I should just ignore my hunger.

Blah to him!

Drive is what I need to find inside.


dabuekke said...

Can I comment on myself? Guess I can.

Drive - even less today. No exercise and NOT a healty lunch. Still have this evening to rectify that I suppose. Starting my mini exercise routine daily now...
5 push ups (girly at first)
15 situps (5 front and 5 to each side)
15 squats.

Here we go...

dabuekke said...

From the first day I have done more than my goal...

10 push ups
30 crunches (10 center and 10 to each side)
20 squats

Done it every day since, Go DANIELLE! Now to do a bit more.

In addition to these daily exercises.. I am going to need 30 minuites 3 times a week of aerobic. The following three options are availiable to me right now.
cross trainer
workout video

Here we go again!