Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Driving not going so well

So my drive seems to be broken... Ive been accomplishing things just not making a healthy diet and exercise a priority still. My big problem this week is staying up late... so far I have not slept in significantly but its only a matter of time before I snoose till 8:30 and end up very late for work.

New goal is 30 min of exercise in the mornings.. To get to work no later than 8:30 I think this would mean wake up at 7 AM, workout till 7:30 and then get to work by 8:30. My first day of trying this is tomorrow.

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ClickChic said...

I think that is my problem as well. I completely talked myself into working out this morning before work since going to work out after work has sounded like SO much fun with the balmy weather that we've been having. I thought morning would be easier. But I too have been staying up to late in the evening, so morning has not be very fun. My plan to work out tonight and get in a bunch over the weekend, rest up and try again next Monday!