Sunday, November 27, 2005

To Chicago and back to ND!

I went to Chicago last weekend, and just returned from ND today. All over the place we have been!

Chicago was just a trip for fun sort of. It started out because a friend was going there for an audition and she didn't want to stay alone in the big bad city. She only planned on staying one night but I figured while I am going I should see if Brandon would come along and make a weekend trip out of it.

We spent Saturday at the John G. Shedd Aquarium, and then on to Magnificent Mile for some window shopping. After cleaning up at the Hotel we headed to Joe's Crab Shack (after getting an hour wait at the swanky steak place a block away) for dinner.

Sunday we hit a nearby shopping mall (Woodfield if you know the area) and actually managed to find 2 things for other people on our Christmas list.

This last weekend was Thanksgiving. That day we spent in Stephen and the rest of the weekend was all about hanging out with the Family. Friday we did some morning shopping and Saturday we went to Harry Potter IV: The Goblet of Fire. Pretty good flick!

Today was a pretty crappy day, a long stressful drive back in some bad weather that took most of the day, some serious anger at my computer when getting back when we couldn’t figure out how to get my scanner to work with our Macintosh computer, and the bitter realization that the work week is starting again and I feel painfully behind. I am in the middle of what has become a HUGE project that I started about 3 years ago.

While visiting my grandmother I was looking through some old photos and asked if I could take some home to scan. That started an avalanche of photos I have agreed to scan and I have yet to get through that first group that I brought home.

Don't get me wrong I really WANT to scan these pictures, photos are not much use to me unless they are digital. I like to adjust and crop things and hope to create a digital archive of as many pictures of my family as I can. I just haven’t been spending much time doing it. I hope this winter I will find a few empty weekends to really get into this project... AND I apologize in advance for any pictures I have taken saying I would scan them, and not yet brought them back!

Hope you love me anyway (Linda I am working on the ones from Mary right now!)

On with the project!

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