Saturday, November 05, 2005

Tired of ND? I think not!

Ive been in ND for the last two weekends in a row. I couldnt blog much about last weekends activities because it was a suprise party for my Dad's 50th.

Last weekend was SO fun. My friends attended my dads party so I got to mix my frineds and my family. My dad was SO floored, he had no idea we were throwing a party.

1) it was the day after his birthday
2) We hid all the cars out back at the farm
3) there was already a few people planning on coming over that night just a small gathering
4) his parents were supposed to be visiting on Sunday

We rocked! Way to go Linda on all the planning!

This weekend I'm in New Salem (30 miles west of Bismarck) as Brandon hunts. I rode along today but as anyone who knows me will certify, I don't actually hunt. No serious moral objections or anything, just the trapsing around outside in the hopes of seeing somthing you might get close enough to shoot, and then you have to have good enough aim to actually hit the moving target and then track it down to the spot where it eventually dies. Phew, that just doesnt sound like a ball of fun to me!

I'm glad to be here with the family though, Brandons grandma and his mother both have Birthdays this weekend and we have spent some time with Issack, his nephew as well.

So we are heading out tomorrow and I'm bummed. I like coming here and I'm sorry it was only for 3 days this time.

Till next time ND!

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