Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Sign of a borring blog..

Its sad when you dont have any posts for a month and no one asks you "Whats been going on, post already"!

Means that I don't have a lot of readers :(

That is ok I guess. It is still a fun place for me to write about what has been going on.

I spent the first part of the holidays vising family in ND, and the second part hanging out in Rochester. While in Rochester we did a lot of sleeping in and bumming around the house. Got some much needed rest.

So much so in fact that trying to wake up for work this morning was a big shock to my system!

Hope everyone had a great holiday.


k said...

Your blog is not boring. :( Although, mine has had just as much action lately. I actually thought of posting to it today since I actually have been doing something the past week other than sleeping, eating, and working. ;)

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Jefferson said...

Your blog is not boring Sis! I'm one of those readers who likes to check in every couple of months and read a lot of stuff rather than keep up with the individual posts. Keep posting cuz if you don't, I have nothing to read!

Anonymous said...

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