Sunday, July 24, 2005

I need a vacation from my vacation!

You ever feel like your vacation doesn't give you any rest? We have spent so much time cramming in visits with everyone and doing my 10 year reunion stuff that I have had almost NO sleep.

Had a BLAST so far though. Friday night was a Mixer for my class, Saturday had a lunch in the park and played some frisbee. Then swimming and later a snack at the Urban Stampeede (old High School haunt) and finally on to the main event itself. Dinner and dance for the reunion was OK, not a lot of crazy dances like myself and Jenny in my class I guess. As usual I managed to have a good time. Wandered around to visit with lots of different tables and was happy to make a connection again with a few great people.

I tried to harvest as many email addresses as possible while I was there so I can invite everyone to my website. We can share pictures and pass notes there. Also that gave me an excuse to walk all around the room and introduce myself to all kinds of people.. some I didnt remember till talking to them.

Today I got a special Birthday breakfast at my parents. Complete with bacon, eggs, toast, juice and an ice cream cake. I LOVE DQ ice cream cakes! Moved on to fargo around noon and visited with a friend and my little brother as well. Played a killer game of Speed Scrabble... killer because my friend Jenny beat the pants off us!

Now we are into the West... western ND anywyas. Using Brandons parents house as a wayside rest we are going to head out in the AM to Yellowstone.

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klhub said...

It was getting together at our reunion I can't wait to see you at the lake