Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Its Lean and Greeen!

My iPod Mini arrived last week, just 1 day before our out of town trip! Its small and green and has an engraving on it.

Danielle Burkhart

I had one night to set up some playlists and download music to it before we were off for the weekend. I also picked up on Wednesday an attachment that will allow me to play music from my iPod over any FM radio. It didn't work near a couple of towns that had a station at 87.9 already but it worked great other than that.


ladykatya said...


I'm so excited for you!

Colton Schulz said...

I still say using an FM transmitter is the Farmerized way around the problem. But they have their up's too. Congrats.

Brandon Schulz said...

The FM transmitter isn't the best solution but it's a lot easier (and cheaper) than ripping out the factory stereo in her car and installing a new aftermarket model with line-in or iPod controls!

ladykatya said...

pssstt... how about the cassette adapter. ;) That's what I've got. Is that the farmerized way too? :) Mabye it's just the ND way? :)

Danielle said...

I have a cassette adapter but B's car doesnt have a tape deck, just a CD Player :(

Plus it let me listen to iPod music out by the barn with my little brothers and B while we played hacky-sac, with my sisters in their bedroom on their cd player, and in the shower so no one had to hear my singing :)

ClickChic said...

sweet! I like green, you better watch it while I'm around. ;)

dabuekke said...

Well I managed to hold on to my iPOD even though ClickChic was over visiting last night.. or did I.... Truth be told I have not seen my new little green machine since last night !?!?!

dabuekke said...

Doe! Finally figured out that you cant just delete a song froma Playlist on the iPOD, you have to remove it from the iPOD library. I was able to delete some stuff to make room for my slow playlist that didnt even make it on the first time I copied music over.

Next time I change the music on here I will make sure to delete and then re-rip CD's from my current audio collection at a NOT Lossless compression so I should be able to fit more on there!