Monday, June 27, 2005

Saturday SPA-ter-day

Well it was heavenly! A friend knows some ladies in New London MN who started a company that is all about Pampering yourself and they supply products for do-it-yourself SPA time.

Do-It-Yourself and SPA dont generally go hand in hand, at least not for the well to do, or people like me who never considered spending any $$ at all on a day at the SPA. It makes it quite a bit easier if you have a significant other for actual back massages but there are plenty of relaxing things you and I can do with good products that will feel quite nice.

There's bath stuff, foot scrubs, back massagers, lotions and oils for massage, lotions for shaving, body washes, hot/cold pads (come to think of it I'm going to start microwaving mine right now), exfoliating mitts... SO much stuff!

Enough evangelizing, I got a hot/cold pad, and some massage oil, I think I'm going to go to the website after pay day and get some of the sea salt foot scrub.

Check out if any of that sounded good. Its all about taking care of yourself!

Well Today is now Monday and since then I have gone to a cookout B-Day party for a friend of mine, watched "The Passion", went to Jazzercise again and planted some Ferns on the E side of our house with B.

I'm getting all riled up for my visit to GF this weekend. We are going to drive at night to try and avoid traffic, I figure if we go through Minneapolis around 8 PM it shouldn't be too bad. Ive already started collecting stuff by the door that I need to bring with me and I have been harassing B all day to do his laundry now so we dont have to spend all Wednesday night waiting for laundry to come out of the dryer.

Friday night I guess I will be watching the kids, I'm going to suggest a movie but we could do whatever we want I suppose. Swimming, or just running around out at the farm with the kids and pets. Like I said, I cant wait!


Colton Schulz said...

Don't get your hopes up. North Dakota might not be here by then. I just looked at the radar and I think Armageddon is coming.

Brandon Schulz said...

I'm hoping your father has some stuff for me to do while you're watching the kids. I always feel better about being somewhere if I have a productive purpose! As for Armageddon, I hope it misses us!

dabuekke said...

?? I never got a picture of you mowing the grass? Bummer! Glad you had a good time :)