Thursday, June 02, 2005

Reunions and Buffy

No I'm not talking about the dog Buffy I met this weekend, I'm talking about the Vampire Slaying Kick Butt woman Buffy Summers :)

I can’t explain it just makes me feel good to watch it and now I own Season 3 and Season 7 as well as the first one which I bought last year.

They are the big reward for reaching my first big weight loss goal, Yea ME!

I also sent the $70 bucks to the Reunion committee (one of two girls in my HS who I can’t say I knew very well at all). It remains to be seen whether I have a good time. Most of the people I want to connect with while there I’ve already tracked down and a lot of them are too far away to come :(

The $ goes towards Dinner and renting a place to have a dance one night, and drinks or some social hour another so I guess its not SO much money. We have spent more than $70 bucks for 2 nights entertainment for B and I on some occasions before. More than that if we were drinking :)

So Cheers to tracking down old school friends, whether they can make it to the reunion or not!

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