Wednesday, June 22, 2005

So Close!

Well my friends, I have almost reached my weight goal... seriously 1 pound to go! I'm going to weigh myself again after typing this.. maybe it will be 150 then!

I feel good and prepared for all the physical activity that summer brings. The gym we have Jazzercise in doesn't have A/C so it's getting harder simply because of the heat. No thoughts of stopping though, we are in the middle of another little promotion. If I go to 36 classes in three months (May,June,July) I will win a Jazzercise beach towel :)

So far I'm on track to get it but July is full of vactions and I have had to start going on Saturdays to get in enough points.

For those of you who dont know I have decided to buy myself an iPod Mini MP3 music player when I hit 150 so I am very excited to order one. If I can get it before the 4th of July holiday I will be able to load it up with music for the drive :)

Coming up soon will be pictures of our completed garden, as per my last post all plants are in! Now its just a matter of making sure they don't get too warm or not enough water.


ladykatya said...

Shut UP!!! I am so jealous that you're almost to your goal! You're making me feel fat. ;)

YAY though! I'm proud of you!

Danielle said...

This is my second goal in the weight loss game. First was 160, and my reward was some new clothes :)

Based on our past conversations my goal was much less strenuous than yours, Mrs "I wanna be a Supermodel"

Love ya

ladykatya said...

Bite me? :)

And who DOESN'T want to be 5' 9" and 120 lbs?!?!

I only have 70 lbs to go. :)

Danielle said...

Well Ladykatya I had a couple of different goals in my weight loss experience... first was 160 and then this 150 which I had been trying to attain for the last few years (albeit not trying very hard).

News Flash: I am now 5'8 and 150 lbs! Yea ME! (ordered the iPod Mini last night)

K said...

Congrats!!! What color did you pick out? See ya in a week!