Monday, June 13, 2005

Weekends and Weddings...

Well the wedding I was at this weekend was So much FUN :)

The dance was great, the chapel they got married in was awesome, the family and friends all seemed to get along together. A good time was had by me.

There were a lot more people I knew at this wedding than the last one I attended so that helped a lot towards having a good time. Also as a part of the wedding party (I was guestbook girl) I got to interact with everyone else at the Rehersal Supper Friday night, and the whole afternoon Saturday while helping with Pictures. I didn't have to do a whole lot but I stood around and looked for someone that needed help holding something, or moving something :) Made me feel useful.

So Conrats to my friends who are now... Old N Married!


Colton Schulz said...

Hehe, I went swimming this weekend too. It was probably 40 or 50 degrees cooler than the tub you swam in though.

Danielle said...


Brandon Schulz said...

I think it was cool how well everyone seems to get along. I had a good time as well!