Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Maybe its me?

Maybe its me.. I dont post very frequently....

I sat here with a blank blog staring me in the face once or twice over the last week but never found anything worth talking about. Today is different.

First, we have achieved Deck! Well the pieces are delivered anywyas and B is 6 inches on the last whole away from being ready to pour the concrete. Thanks to all those that gave us a hand (and will in the future)!

Second, I have a HS Reunion coming up in July... and in trying to get ahold of frineds from back then I managed to track down an old friend. He lives down south now, has a wife and is looking to buy a home. While I know most of the people I want to connect with will not be at my HS reunion, I plan to make as many of those connections online as I can. If they are there then great we get to chat again, but if not I will still be able to get caught up with where their lives have taken them. I am a big nostalgia person.. Love it! Getting ahold of people I havent seen for years and years, finding out how they are and were they have ended up.

Speaking of ending up... I am out of lunch break :)

SO Tell me, did you go to a HS or College Reunion lately and did you have a good time? Any insights into life that came out of it, yours or someone else's?


K said...

I think you post more than B though! ;)

Yeah for a deck!

I haven't been to any reunions. I too have a HS reunion coming up in August. I'm also guessing most of the people that I'd want to see won't show up. Part of that is because I was friends with more people that were in other classes than my own. But the all-school reunions have always been when I've had other plans.

klhub said...

Hi sorry
I haven't thought that your posts were boring but as you can see I haven't wrote very many entries in my own blog I am sorry. I am going to try harder to keep up with it. I do poop in and read your post but it is really quick and I don't comment due to time factor