Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Hello World!

Now that I have turned on anonymous comments my blog might get a bit more action. Please continue to tell me who you are when you comment.

Having quite the thunderstorm right now, I like lightning and thunder :)

Kinda need it to stop raining so we can mow our grass and pull up sod for the garden B wants to put in.


BS said...

I though we were going to get some drying action outside today but it just got done with a short little downpour to make sure that didn't happen... I need a hovercraft instead of a wheelbarrow! I saw that Menards is having a deck & landscaping sale, we should check out their mulch and garden edging.

Gunji said...

Right now I am randomly wandering through blogs, cuz I just started my own. Try to leave a comment everywhere, which is not easy - some are really weird :P

I see you just started too.
Keep up the good work!

Gunji -

wasabi said...

C can't wait to help dig in your yard. He has his post hole digger ready! :)

C said...

I will forever point to your garden and say I helped move that dirt.

dabuekke said...

C, thanks so much for the help.. If you hadnt I might have had to. After a whole day of rollercoasters and such at Camp Snoopy.. I was all tired out.