Monday, May 02, 2005

Snow in May!

Monday May 2nd and I woke to find snow! Some sticking to my car, roofs of houses in my neighborhood, speckled on the ground and some still trikling down from the sky!

Yesterday some friends and I got together and walked in the MS walk-a-thon. 5 miles in stocking hats, winter coats and gloves. Took 15 min or so for the exercise of walking to warm me up but it was a great experience overall. Thanks to all who walked with us and donated to the cause :)

And Guess What! I even got a great new pretty blue water bottle! Seem to be getting a collection of them and I raised at least $25 for MS and walked the 5 miles to earn this one.

Even better than that all my exercise this weekend not only offset some bad eating habits (had a Sausage McMuffin with Egg Sat morn) but I still lost 1 lb! YEA ME!

Just another 2 or 3 to go to hit my first weight loss goal.. and Ive been thinking about what my reward will be for the last couple of days.

A season of my Favorite Show on DVD... some new clothes, a night out at my favorite restraunt? Who knows.. maybe all of the above!


ClickChic said...

But Egg McMuffins are so yummy. :)

ClickChic said...

Go for all of them!

dabuekke said...

Humm, one thing I didnt mention in my origional post was an MP3 player... but I think that will be a 150 lb goal reward :)