Monday, May 09, 2005

Yeee Haaaw!

Not normally a cowgirl yell kinda girl but I was exposed to country music quite a bit this weekend at a friends wedding :)

So I'm There! Goal #1 to workout and eat healthy has gotten me to 160 lbs! My knee has been giving me a bit of pain this morning, bad combination between a lot of walking/standing/dancing and long hours in the car I think.

This week my ChangeOne plan has me focusing on Dinner, while I maintain the healthy Breakfasts, Lunches and snacks that I have been doing for the last 3 weeks now.

Other things going on:
  • Getting ready for a Yellowstone Camping trip in late July, purchased some hiking boots on Sunday so we could start breaking them in now.
  • Also have another couple of weeks of preperation for the Girl Scout end of the year trip. Trying to make the girls take part in the planning of the trip so I have delegated some responsibilites.
  • Weekends till the end of July are nearly all booked up and a friend asked that I pencil something in one of those free weekends, so any Summer Plans will have to be in August!


Chaser said...

Hey sis!! i felt bad that i have yet to get an account with this blog and leave u a message, soo when u made it possible for ANYONE i had to take up the offer!

life is good, im working and making music... couldnt be better

i miss ya Danny

love Chaser

Anonymous said...

Hey Dani, that's a goal for me this summer to try and get back in shape. I suppose I should start running instead of drinking da beers. Anyway I hope your little plan on eating healthy and exercising works for you.



dabuekke said...

Marlin... maybe start running and still drink da beers at first? I worked out for nearly 2 moths before I started to change my eating habits. But once I did there was a HUGE difference.

:) keep me posted