Thursday, October 06, 2005

For all those Blogreaders out there..

I started using this a while back and I LOVE it! You can see updates to all your friends and family's blogs all in one place.

A friend asked me a while back "But can you see new posts from all your friends on one page?" and I said no, but I was wrong! You can, I have my blogs organized into friends, family and other, and when I click on the main heading I get all new ones from all blogs in that folder.

The one drawback is you don't see comments to blogposts, just new posts by the author.

Check it out

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klhub said...

Hey that sounds great but I only read your blogg so I don't need to do it yet. But if any of my friends or family actually sign up for a blogg site than I will ask you again. So what have you been up too give me a call if you have time.