Monday, October 10, 2005

Hello Friends

Finally a bit of a break!

I've just had a friend visiting this weekend and we had a great time! Between ladies night out at the bar, and friends over for a night of socializing, it has been fun. The only downer is that Brandon has had a HUGE homework and program due today, so he has not been able to fully party. I guess that made Friday night more fun though cuz it was just the girls out!

Just relaxing the next few weekends coming up and I'm excited! If I remember correctly Ive got nothing planned! YEA!


Anonymous said...
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dabuekke said...

No no no, I have no info about golf on my page. Please dont link to your golf page from here. (sorry dad, i know you like golf, but youre the only one I know, had to delete this guys post).

ClickChic said...

This weekend was fun!! I stayed up until 2:30!! I haven't done that in ages!!! :)

dabuekke said...

And we were even out at the bar till just a few min before close! Not too shabby for some old ladies :)