Monday, June 27, 2005

Saturday SPA-ter-day

Well it was heavenly! A friend knows some ladies in New London MN who started a company that is all about Pampering yourself and they supply products for do-it-yourself SPA time.

Do-It-Yourself and SPA dont generally go hand in hand, at least not for the well to do, or people like me who never considered spending any $$ at all on a day at the SPA. It makes it quite a bit easier if you have a significant other for actual back massages but there are plenty of relaxing things you and I can do with good products that will feel quite nice.

There's bath stuff, foot scrubs, back massagers, lotions and oils for massage, lotions for shaving, body washes, hot/cold pads (come to think of it I'm going to start microwaving mine right now), exfoliating mitts... SO much stuff!

Enough evangelizing, I got a hot/cold pad, and some massage oil, I think I'm going to go to the website after pay day and get some of the sea salt foot scrub.

Check out if any of that sounded good. Its all about taking care of yourself!

Well Today is now Monday and since then I have gone to a cookout B-Day party for a friend of mine, watched "The Passion", went to Jazzercise again and planted some Ferns on the E side of our house with B.

I'm getting all riled up for my visit to GF this weekend. We are going to drive at night to try and avoid traffic, I figure if we go through Minneapolis around 8 PM it shouldn't be too bad. Ive already started collecting stuff by the door that I need to bring with me and I have been harassing B all day to do his laundry now so we dont have to spend all Wednesday night waiting for laundry to come out of the dryer.

Friday night I guess I will be watching the kids, I'm going to suggest a movie but we could do whatever we want I suppose. Swimming, or just running around out at the farm with the kids and pets. Like I said, I cant wait!

Saturday, June 25, 2005

Saturday AM

Another early Saturday AM :)

I am heading to Jazzercise at 8, then have a couple of hours at a "do it yourself" SPA day. Not quite sure what this means, but I know they sell Home SPA products. Maybe I can find one special item as a small gift to myself.

Top of the Morning to you all!

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

The Garden, finally done. On another note this is a Pre-Sunburn picture of Brandon :) Posted by Hello

So Close!

Well my friends, I have almost reached my weight goal... seriously 1 pound to go! I'm going to weigh myself again after typing this.. maybe it will be 150 then!

I feel good and prepared for all the physical activity that summer brings. The gym we have Jazzercise in doesn't have A/C so it's getting harder simply because of the heat. No thoughts of stopping though, we are in the middle of another little promotion. If I go to 36 classes in three months (May,June,July) I will win a Jazzercise beach towel :)

So far I'm on track to get it but July is full of vactions and I have had to start going on Saturdays to get in enough points.

For those of you who dont know I have decided to buy myself an iPod Mini MP3 music player when I hit 150 so I am very excited to order one. If I can get it before the 4th of July holiday I will be able to load it up with music for the drive :)

Coming up soon will be pictures of our completed garden, as per my last post all plants are in! Now its just a matter of making sure they don't get too warm or not enough water.

Saturday, June 18, 2005


That was hot and sweaty! Putting in a garden is hard. First we were too busy, then we had bad weather, then we were out of town...

Finally we are in town and its not raining on a non-work day :)

I'm quite pooped now because I started my day with an 8AM Jazzercise class, Yea ME!

Annual party tonight hosted by some friends so I'm going to need a nap before we head over there to get the festivities started.

Pictures pending of the garden and the garden tender.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Plans plans plans.

We've got camping, birthdays, 4th of july, Yellowstone park, Pamperd Chef party, High School Reunion, LOTS of stuff.

I hope to keep up the blog throught the busy summer, forgive me if I dont get here SO often.

SO I'm not hating reality shows as much as I used to....

Dancing with Stars, Hit me baby one more time, Beauty and the Geek :) But then again I'm a TV Junkie and happen to not have as much going on Wednesday nights as other nights.

Also caught my first ever "Lost", pretty good. Whats with the creepy guy, the bald white guy who carved the dog whistle?

Out for now.

Monday, June 13, 2005

Weekends and Weddings...

Well the wedding I was at this weekend was So much FUN :)

The dance was great, the chapel they got married in was awesome, the family and friends all seemed to get along together. A good time was had by me.

There were a lot more people I knew at this wedding than the last one I attended so that helped a lot towards having a good time. Also as a part of the wedding party (I was guestbook girl) I got to interact with everyone else at the Rehersal Supper Friday night, and the whole afternoon Saturday while helping with Pictures. I didn't have to do a whole lot but I stood around and looked for someone that needed help holding something, or moving something :) Made me feel useful.

So Conrats to my friends who are now... Old N Married!

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Going Hot Tubbing

Staying in Willmar and going Hot Tubbing first thing in the morning.

Ahhhh, its going to feel nice :)

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Fully Intended...

So I go into Barnes & Noble today for one thing. One book and I had a cupon for 20% off AND a gift card to use. Forgot to use BOTH of them!


Had some shopping to do to get ready for a friends wedding this weekend. New dress, new shoes, yea!

Back to Willmar we go!

Viola, the deck (and one of its builders)! Posted by Hello

Sunday, June 05, 2005

After Garden.... A 3 Brick high retaining wall now surrounds the compost and some tilling has even been done! Posted by Hello

We have achieved Deck (sans Stairs and Railings) !!! Posted by Hello

Before garden.. Just a pile of compost at the back of our yard. Posted by Hello

The first Tree Ring! Eventually we will have rings around each of our 7 tree's and some will have other things planted around them. Posted by Hello


Good Morning.

Its been a busy last few days with visitors in the house. I agreed to go to 8 AM Jazzercise Saturday to make up for missing Memorial Day class and it was not too hard to get up at that time since 1/2 the house was aleady up.

Our guests have been a HUGE help with the deck, these ND small town farmers are hard workers! They arrived on Thursday night and we already have a retaining wall all the way around our 25x10 ft garden AND the deck surface boards are all good. Just the Stairs and Railings left!

I will try to get some pictures out here shortly before the work of the day begins.

I also finally mailed off the $70 to attend my HS reunion. Most of my close friends from High School who I still see on a regular basis are not going to be attending the official reunion
events, but I'm going to do my best to get everyone who I want to see together one day.

So what did YOU do this weekend?

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Reunions and Buffy

No I'm not talking about the dog Buffy I met this weekend, I'm talking about the Vampire Slaying Kick Butt woman Buffy Summers :)

I can’t explain it just makes me feel good to watch it and now I own Season 3 and Season 7 as well as the first one which I bought last year.

They are the big reward for reaching my first big weight loss goal, Yea ME!

I also sent the $70 bucks to the Reunion committee (one of two girls in my HS who I can’t say I knew very well at all). It remains to be seen whether I have a good time. Most of the people I want to connect with while there I’ve already tracked down and a lot of them are too far away to come :(

The $ goes towards Dinner and renting a place to have a dance one night, and drinks or some social hour another so I guess its not SO much money. We have spent more than $70 bucks for 2 nights entertainment for B and I on some occasions before. More than that if we were drinking :)

So Cheers to tracking down old school friends, whether they can make it to the reunion or not!