Friday, March 18, 2005

Damn Snow!

Well my bf and his stressed out self advocated on everyones bahalf that said I shouldnt go anywhere...

Then again getting stuck in the driveway was another sign.... The drift was higher than my wheeles and you couldnt tell how deep it was till the car was embedded into it.

He even shoveled out a path, drove my car into the garage, and locked the garage door... hoping righfully so that I would come to my senses. He had been working from home all day :)

SO Everyone, I aint going anywhwere tonight. I dont even know if I will be heading out in the morning since that would mean a 6 hour drive on Sat and a 6 hour drive on Sunday.

Blah Blah. Well at least I can catch up on my sleep!


ClickChic said...

Ha! Not going anywhere on Friday night after the big snow, huh? Just getting stuck on our street. Hopefully B didn't have too much wine again. It was fun!

klhub said...

Hey I understand I have been stuck in the snow before. We were supposed to get snow last week but it didn't happen which was nice because the weather has been great. Another thing better stuck in your driveway than stuck in the middle of nowhere and cell phone out of singal. We will have to plan another weekend for you come down and hang out or even us come there and hang out...TTFN

dabuekke said...

True true, Getting stuck 1/2 way between here and your house would have been sucky klhub :)