Friday, March 04, 2005


Posting my shame for all to read.

The last 3 consecutive days I have had the following horribly unhealthy eating habits over lunch. One indulgence like this a week would not be too shameful, but 3 days in a row!

Wed: Pizza Hut Buffet
While I did have a small salad I continued to eat AT LEAST 7 slices of pizza, I say at least because I honestly dont know when I stopped.

Thursday: Buffalo Wild Wings
Boneless wings, breaded chicken fried and then coated in Sweet BBQ. Deep fat fried mushrooms and potato and chive wedges both dipped in tons of Ranch.

Friday: Potluck lunch at work.
Once again small amount of salad, but 2 big bowls of chili (probably 4 servings total), with cornbread, garlic toast, potato salad, muffin and pudding for desert. AND THEN ice cream bar down at the work cafeteria.

My shame has been laid bare, and I hope to never repeat such horrible eating habits in a single week that does not have a holiday in it.

The only plus side is I went to 3 jazzercise classes this week... silver lining :)

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dabuekke said...

Worked out when I got home on Friday, mabye that makes up fro it a little :)

Sat and Sunday walked a LOT while shopping and even got out for a walk of my own to take advantage of the 60 degree weather on Sunday afternoon.

Here comes another week!