Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Go Water Bottles

So its not like I must grind everyone into the ground every contest I enter, but I always try my best to win. And the Jazzercise people pulled out that competitive spirit in me. Mind you the only prize was a water bottle (with the jazzercise stamped logo) but it brought out the spirit and I went all gung ho so far for March.

The trick now is to keep up the 3 times a week class when the only incentive is my health and improving my body.. Here's to Me! SLAUD!


Colton Schulz said...

Jazzercize...hmm you may be onto something.

klhub said...

Hey way to go. The trick that works for me is KH makes me go not really becasue deep down i know that I should go. But we do cirrut training which is very intense. Now I need to change my eating habits and that will be the true test...of willpower
Keep it up friend

dabuekke said...

Colton, Yea its jazzy, and its exercise :) And Ive got someone up at the front of the room telling me exactly what to do so I dont have to think too hard.

Doesnt hurt that the music is peppy.