Tuesday, March 15, 2005

I think it moved!

After a whole month of working out (started with 2x a week and am now at 3 aerobics classes and a brief cardio session) I think the scale finally moved!

It was just since my horrible week of really unhealthy lunches that I have focused more on the eating habits, and I guess I can attibute my apparent 4 lb loss to that! I say apparent because I have an annoying analog weight scale and so I never really know down to the exact pound. Its more of a "looks like 1 tick above the 100 mark" (numbers have been changed to protect my self-esteem).

The only time I bother to look at bathroom scales we happen to be in Bed Bath N Beyond.. and their prices never make me happy.

On a positive note having an analog scale and NOT weighing myself every day lets me focus more on the qualiatative results.
Clothes fitting better,
workouts feeling easier,
being able to work out more intensly,
jogging up stairs without feeling winded,
more energy...
you know touchey feely stuff like that!


ladykatya said...


I am proud of you!

I too have an analog scale... they suck. But, I agree - too expensive.

ClickChic said...

I bought a cool digital scale for my husband as a present (at the time boyfriend) because he was starting a diet and he likes electronic gadgets. Isn't it weird that if it is a present, the price doesn't matter as much. But if I was buying it for myself, I wouldn't spend that much for a scale, and he probably wouldn't have either. :)