Saturday, March 26, 2005


Digital archiving of pictures... Mainly my immediate family, birthdays holidays and such. I have spend a significant part of my free time in the last week scanning photos, organizing photos, posting photos online, and rearranging photo collections online.

Starting to go a little crazy I think... didn't end up having any Friday night plans and the bf is working on a big school project .. hours and hours I tell you!

Well time to save the last scanned batch and hit the sack.


ixoyeboy said...

As you go through all the old pictures, just remember the 80/20 rule of time management:

If you're anything like me, you probably have some perfectionist tendencies which means you'll take way to long to make sure to get every picture scanned in just right, into the right directory, named just right, and stored exactly right. I used to go through and rename every picture I stored... yeah, I don't do that anymore.

dabuekke said...

You tell me this now!!!

Just Kidding, Yea as long as I didn’t have filename collisions I just left things Untitled-1.jpg :)

I did spend some time setting up a bit of a file structure, breakdown into years and then subfolders like 2002/Christmas and 2002/OrasBday.

I stuck with big events, everything else went in folder titled SchoolDays, Summer and Winter :)

Most of these pics had been scanned in 2003 and just stuck in folders like SavedFiles2, SavedFiles17... so it was some well needed cleanup.

My boyfriend and I are going to try and merge our photo collections on to a backup server.. so that took me some work to get his into a logical structure. Scary the amount of time I have spent on this but my end goal is to cut a CD for our immediate and extended families.. worthy cause. Plus I can take as long as I like since I haven’t promised a product to anyone yet.

Whew, is there a character limit on these comments? I guess I will find out when I try to send....