Wednesday, March 30, 2005

I love Wednesdays...

No Jazzercise, a whole "me" evening :) Whatever I wanna do.

This Wednesday we have a friend over to watch an Animal Planet Dragons: Bringing the Fantasy to Life. Pretty interesting :)

I also had a financial planner who does house calls visit me this afternoon, helped work out some 401(K) questions.

Monday, March 28, 2005

Crisis Averted

So I was all set to skip Jazzercise today. I'm feeling just the tiniest bit under the weather today and I have not been getting my 8 hours of sleep lately.

I chatted with my workout buddy Jen and she offered to go to the early class with me if it would mean the difference between going and skipping. Yea Jen, Thanks! I said, "You know, its enough that I talked to you so now I AM going".

Heading to the early one so I might be able to catch a bit of time outside, its SO nice here in MN today, I even ditched my coat!!!

Saturday, March 26, 2005


Digital archiving of pictures... Mainly my immediate family, birthdays holidays and such. I have spend a significant part of my free time in the last week scanning photos, organizing photos, posting photos online, and rearranging photo collections online.

Starting to go a little crazy I think... didn't end up having any Friday night plans and the bf is working on a big school project .. hours and hours I tell you!

Well time to save the last scanned batch and hit the sack.

Thursday, March 24, 2005

There it is, the stellar blue water bottle. I went to class 3 times a week for 3 weeks (along with my 2 teammates) to earn this!
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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Go Water Bottles

So its not like I must grind everyone into the ground every contest I enter, but I always try my best to win. And the Jazzercise people pulled out that competitive spirit in me. Mind you the only prize was a water bottle (with the jazzercise stamped logo) but it brought out the spirit and I went all gung ho so far for March.

The trick now is to keep up the 3 times a week class when the only incentive is my health and improving my body.. Here's to Me! SLAUD!

Friday, March 18, 2005

Damn Snow!

Well my bf and his stressed out self advocated on everyones bahalf that said I shouldnt go anywhere...

Then again getting stuck in the driveway was another sign.... The drift was higher than my wheeles and you couldnt tell how deep it was till the car was embedded into it.

He even shoveled out a path, drove my car into the garage, and locked the garage door... hoping righfully so that I would come to my senses. He had been working from home all day :)

SO Everyone, I aint going anywhwere tonight. I dont even know if I will be heading out in the morning since that would mean a 6 hour drive on Sat and a 6 hour drive on Sunday.

Blah Blah. Well at least I can catch up on my sleep!

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Worked out!

So I did it, I am on my 3rd week in a row of 3 days a week of Jazzercise :)

It feels pretty damn good!

Im about to go eat a bigish salad :)


Wednesday, March 16, 2005


I think I might have screwed up my blog. I was adding a friends link and accidentally hit send changes, so I hit the Stop button on my brwoser and then made my change. When I went to publish it was all screwed up .

This is a test...

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

I think it moved!

After a whole month of working out (started with 2x a week and am now at 3 aerobics classes and a brief cardio session) I think the scale finally moved!

It was just since my horrible week of really unhealthy lunches that I have focused more on the eating habits, and I guess I can attibute my apparent 4 lb loss to that! I say apparent because I have an annoying analog weight scale and so I never really know down to the exact pound. Its more of a "looks like 1 tick above the 100 mark" (numbers have been changed to protect my self-esteem).

The only time I bother to look at bathroom scales we happen to be in Bed Bath N Beyond.. and their prices never make me happy.

On a positive note having an analog scale and NOT weighing myself every day lets me focus more on the qualiatative results.
Clothes fitting better,
workouts feeling easier,
being able to work out more intensly,
jogging up stairs without feeling winded,
more energy...
you know touchey feely stuff like that!

Monday, March 14, 2005

Alas the weekend is... Over

Monday morning rolls around again.

I'm looking forward to an eventful week at work, a number of code items are due at the end of the week and weather I get them wrapped up or not my next big poject starts very soon!

Lots of hanging out around the house this weekend but together my boyfriend and I got a lot of different house maintenence stuf done.

The week brings many things...

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Message to Readers

Who am I kidding, why did I make Reader plural?

Clickchic - I made Brandon change his theme because he picked the same one as you and I!

I linked to his now so feel free to read :)

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Down with Shame!

So Reversal...
4 workouts last week!
2 so far this week with one planned for Thursday and one over the weekend.
Reasonable sized dinners Mon Tues
AND Bananna, yogurt and 1/2 a breakfast burrito for breakfast. While it may not seem small at least it was healthy :)

I'm working on turning it around sam I am.

Friday, March 04, 2005


Posting my shame for all to read.

The last 3 consecutive days I have had the following horribly unhealthy eating habits over lunch. One indulgence like this a week would not be too shameful, but 3 days in a row!

Wed: Pizza Hut Buffet
While I did have a small salad I continued to eat AT LEAST 7 slices of pizza, I say at least because I honestly dont know when I stopped.

Thursday: Buffalo Wild Wings
Boneless wings, breaded chicken fried and then coated in Sweet BBQ. Deep fat fried mushrooms and potato and chive wedges both dipped in tons of Ranch.

Friday: Potluck lunch at work.
Once again small amount of salad, but 2 big bowls of chili (probably 4 servings total), with cornbread, garlic toast, potato salad, muffin and pudding for desert. AND THEN ice cream bar down at the work cafeteria.

My shame has been laid bare, and I hope to never repeat such horrible eating habits in a single week that does not have a holiday in it.

The only plus side is I went to 3 jazzercise classes this week... silver lining :)

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

No easy instant results...

So I am on week 4 of jazzercise 2x a week. Stepped it up last week by adding some cardio on my elliptical trainer downstairs. I could only go 10 min on there before I had to stop, but I will keep stepping that up.

Goal for this week: Eat less "BAD" food (fries, burgers, pop, toast) and more "GOOD" (salads, fruits, veggies, yougurt, juices).