Sunday, August 28, 2005

Friday Night

Happy Hour before the movie was definitely a good idea! Not only did I have fun chatting with folks, the ones we invited and the ones that were there for the New Hire event, but the Dukes of Hazzard was more enjoyable after a couple of drinks!

It was an OK movie, lots of car chases of course. Jessica Simpson was NOT the Diasy Duke that I envisioned. She seemed to get the intelligence of the character but not the sublety. Her manipulations were too overtly sexual. I liked the Duke boys ok, and was suprised that Burt Renoyds as Boss Hog kind of worked. I loved the parts with Willy Nelson and Linda Carter, I dont remember that character from the origional dukes of hazard but thought she did a great job.


klhub said...

I saw that movie we took Garrett the second day that it opened and his mouth was open in awe because of the cars that were flying.

dabuekke said...

What did Garrett think of Jessica Simpson in her swimsuit? Probably didn't even notice?