Monday, August 15, 2005

I tried so hard...

Bedtime: 11:45
Snoozing: 30 min

Stop the insanity! Back to my 10:30 bedtime target for tonight I guess.

Yesterday was a nice slow day. We got another harvest in including beans, cucumbers (big bucket), lettuce and a few hot peppers of some sort. I mulched the lawn today as we were serioulsy behind our neighbors in the "keep the lawn trim" game. Brandon built a new pantry shelf in our basement to hold some of his newly canned goods and a bit of our pantry overflow. Also I got a birthday gift from Brandon (he was waiting for me to come pick it out) a new watch!

I am stil LOVING the fact that I eat a healthy salad for lunch and cucumbers for a snack and its from our garden instead of the store. Brandon is more into the pickling of cucumbers and peppers and looking forward to canning tomatoes every which way. Once those tomatoes start to ripen we will have some serious work to do!

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