Monday, August 08, 2005

I love Comedy! (and Sleep)

So I was browsing the channels and ended up on some night of comedy, Ev. Lvs. Raymond then Two and a half Men.

I like laughing. I'm quite enjoying a night of comedy on tv tonight, nothing like laughing your head off to shake off the blahs.

Sleep is good, sleep is good. Repeat that 50 times. 12:30 am had become my new bedtime lately and I am sick of it, it doesn't feel so good at 7 in the morning. After a weekend of good sleep I feel GREAT... now have to get to bed on time a few more nights in a row to make a habit out of it.


klhub said...

Hey sorry that we missed you this weekedn and I am glad that you got needed sleep talk to you soon and great pictures

dabuekke said...

Hey thanks, We sure took enough photos, should have ended up with a few good ones! Even after narrowing it down to the good ones we have about 300 for the whole Yellowstone Trip.

Arent you glad I only picked a few to post!