Tuesday, August 09, 2005

In bed at 11 PM.. not too shabby!

I had to rush quite a bit when I realized it was 10:45 and I was still not getting ready for bed, but I made it!

Fast change and got though my nightly routine in 10 min flat! Didn't quite get up with the alarm *like I ever do*

Anyone else a snoozer? This morning it was 30 min of snoozing, I am pretty sure it was only 15 min Monday morning. Must be a sign of how rested I was?

For all those who know my typical up past midnight schedule, it is no more so dont call past 10 !!


k said...

I'm a snoozer big and bad. Monday was probably an all-time record: first alarm started going off at 6:15, then the 2nd at 6:30. I let it run for the hour. Then it turned off. Apparently thats when you're supposed to stop snoozing. Nope. I slept on and woke up at 8am! Normally I only snooze 15 - 40 minutes.

k said...

hmmm...I suppose we shouldn't stop by at your place at 10? ;)

dabuekke said...

No spontaneous drop by visits after 10, that sounds reasonable! Thanks for having us over at short notice Sat night, had a good time watching those Firefly episodes :) And we stayed for 2 of them!